• 1986 FMC pumper/tanker
  • 2500 gallon capacity
  • 750 gallon per minute pumper

Gator 9 is a 6x4 ATV used primarily for fire suppression and rescue operations for individuals in areas which our other units cannot reach. It's used mostly in wooded areas, and the Ohio Towpath Trail. Equipped with both a medical bed and fire pump, Gator 9 is capable of maximum stabilization of a patient or suppression of very rural brush fires. 

Grass 5 is our brush and field fire apparatus. Capable of driving off road in rough terrain, Grass 5 offers a slide in-bed water tank and pump to fight fires off the beaten path!

  • 2015 F250
  • 150 gallon per minute
  • 225 gallon skid tank

​Engine 1

Grass 5

  • 2013 Ford E450
  • Type III Wheeled Coach Ambulance Package

The newest addition to the fleet, Engine 1 offers state of the art technology in fire suppression and safety, including a 1500GPM Pump, 1000 gallon on-board water tank with foam capabilities and 4-stage light tower for scene illumination. 

Gator 9

Rescue 1 is utilized primarily for motor vehicle accidents and traffic control. Equipped with rescue and extrication tools as well as a water pump and on board fire foam system, Rescue 1 is able to supply rescue operations, chemical spill control and fire suppression operations.

Command 1 is utilized for a variety of reasons. It is designed/equipped to handle large incidents, as well as the transport of needed supplies, tools, personnel to/from/around incident scenes.

  • 2004 Ford Expedition
  • 2003 Ford E450 
  • Type III Road Rescue Ambulance Package

Squad 2 is mostly utilized between the hours of 9PM and 5AM. It is also the second response vehicle when multiple EMS calls are received.

​squad 2

The oldest truck in the fleet, Tanker 3 provides the transport and delivery of water to rural areas without (or with a limited) water supply. 

  • 2007 John Deere Gator TH Diesel
  • 6x4 wheel drive

​rescue 2

command 1​

  • 2004 E-One Typhoon
  • 1500 gallons per minute pumper

tanker 3

    Erie Valley

Fire and Rescue

Staffed from 5am-9pm seven days a week, Medic 1 serves as our first responding ambulance for all medical emergencies. 

  • 2015 Rosenbauer Commander
  • 1500 gallon per minute pumper 

​medic 1