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All equipment is up to date on service and maintenance. All pumps have been tested and passed testing, per NFPA guidelines. Captain Bixler maintains the minor repairs on all trucks and schedules the major work with the proper service centers.

The EMS and medical equipment is also up to date on service. EMS Officer Menges is in charge of the medical equipment and supplies. He coordinates expired drug exchanges, drug licensing, iPad's, computers, state reporting software, daily duties of staffed crews and completed electronic patient care reports. 

​​Added the new station beside the current location at 34 S. Main.  This station was opening on September 16, at 1845 hrs.  We moved out of the old Navarre station.  This helps keep all equipment and personal at one location.  Plus, this added dorms for both men and women.  Bathroom and showers for both.   This new station will be the central location for the 24-hours shifts.

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Fire and Rescue

The department responded to 99.7% of the calls, we only requested mutual aid 3 times which was secondary to multiple calls at the same time. 

We continued our fire safety inspection program and held various fire safety classes for pre-school kids. The feedback we received indicates this was a great success.

The association continues their AHA CPR training program for the community and other healthcare providers.

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Rick Annen


Erie Valley Fire & Rescue

Navarre-Bethlehem Joint Fire District

Continue to study shift time and call volume.  Still look for new members to help with call backs.  Training the members on the newest ideas in firefighting and EMS.  Updating equipment both for trucks and personal. Started working with Akron University to train members.  Added an on-line monthly CE for the members.

Work toward having the all building and businesses compliant with updated Ohio Fire Codes.  Ryan is working hard at getting all business to the new life safety code.

  • Engine 1 (2015 Rosenbauer)

​Excellent Condition. Pump tested, ladder tested and all service is up to date. One issue this year, air lines on rear tires has been fixed.  Hoses on this unit has been tested and OK. This truck should last 16 years. End of Year mileage 6,247.1

  • Rescue 2 (2004 E-One) 

The truck is in good condition.  Has been pump tested, ladder tested and all service work up to date.  The issue this year have been with the engine-braking system.  Hoses on this unit as been tested and OK.  This truck will need to be replaced in 8 to14 years. End of Year mileage 12,489.

  • Tanker 3 (1986 FMC)

The truck is in fair condition and the tank is in good condition.  Has not been pump tested due to age of the truck.  Ladders were tested, and all service work is up to date.  The issues this year, air system, brakes, rear end, and its age.  Hose on this unit was tested and OK.  This units needs replaced in the soon, it will be ok for a back-up unit. End of Year mileage 27,615.

  • Grass 5 (2015 Ford F250 Super Duty)

The truck is in excellent condition. Service work is up to date of this unit.  No issues this year. End of Year mileage 1,972.9.

  • ​Gator 9 (2007 John Deere TH Diesel)

This unit is in good shape.  We have changed to have one bed with a combined bed of fire and medical equipment. No issues this year. End of Year hours  382.5

  • Medic 1 (2017 Ford Lifeline) 

The truck is in excellent condition, is use as the first out truck for the shift crew This unit will last 10 to 12 years  End of Year mileage 23,567.1

  • Medic 2 (2013 Ford Wheeled Coach)

The truck is in excellent condition, service work is up to date.  This unit will last 8 to 10 years. End of Year mileage 32,945.

  • Medic 3 (2008 Ford Road Rescue)

The truck is in good condition, all service work is up to date.  Issues this year, was still the rear heater, need new on-spot.  This unit will need to be replaced in 3 to 5 years.  End of Year mileage 63,274.

  • Car 1 (2004 Ford Explorer)

The truck is in good condition, all service work is up to date, Had no major issues this year.  Will last 3 to 5 years  End of Year mileage 64,244.8

  • Chief 1 (2018 Ford Explorer)

​The truck is in excellent condition, all service work is up to date.  No issues this year.  Will last 5 to 7 years. End of Year mileage 27,081

Chief Rick Annen

34 Main Street South

Navarre, Ohio 44662

​(330) 879-5840

From The Desk Of: 

The department currently has 34 members. We have 8 paramedics, 22 EMT's and 30 Firefighters. 13 of the members have Firefighter II cards, 2 with Firefighter I cards and 15 members have Volunteer Firefighter cards.

T.J. Rombach was promoted to Assistant Chief in October 2018. Captains are: Bryan Bixler, Jerry Mallady, Ryan Shanower, Colin Trout and Jimmy Wells. The department also has two Lieutenant positions, filled by Shyloah Rogers and Michelle Williams.

We continued to staff seven days a week from 5am to 9pm. The staffing crew responded to 288 daytime runs this year. Total staffed hours, 11,755.75. We had 3555 off duty man hours responding back to the station for calls and we averaged 4 personnel for each call in 2019.

Fire training hours for 2018 was 1200, not including monthly EMS CE classes and well as online EMS and Fire CE.

Ryan Shanower continued to do Fire Inspections on local buildings in both the township and village. This endeavor started out rough but has smoothed out nicely. We find that we are helping our businesses become more compliant with fire safety codes. This year starts the new cycle for fire codes in Ohio. This year the goal is to have more businesses in compliance.